Most Used Makeup Products in 2016

My most used brushes are essential for my daily makeup look, the first one is the Real technique setting brush perfect for baking and highlighting, really precise and it makes it easy to blend. Together with the contour brush from RT I use everyday is my no brand makeup brush I got from Aliexpress my [...]


Christmas Gifts I Bought For Myself 

Around this time of year we give so much but when do you take time for yourself? Maybe you're like me and give yourself sometimes a special gift, Get the things you always pass in store but never take with you because for the price, or you just don't need it. I always wanted to [...]

Wishing You A Merry Christmas – Tanya burr’s Beauty Calendar

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you're having a great day! But of course we have the last door to open! The last day has come, I'm a little sad but i'm happy it Christmas time! With this we close or calendar with a nail polish "Glitter Rain". A beautiful glitter polish. Beside the colour it [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 1 days to go …

Can you believe it's tomorrow Christmas I can't wait to celebrate, I want to know what gift's everyone got me. I can see one gift right know let's open door 11... This time door was a really beautiful sparkle red nail polish, called sleigh bells. Just as the golden polish it had a paint smell, [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 2 days to go …

Opening day 10 of the beauty calendar, what is your favorite thing to do during this season? I love coming together and opening gifts. I wish we could celebrate Christmas more than ones. Day 10 was the glitter liner in gold named treasured, I loved the first silver liner so it's nice there are 2 [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 3 days to go …

Door 9 is waiting for us to open, can you tell what's inside? This calendar is almost over but I want to open a door everyday even after Christmas ...   My first thoughts where another red lip gloss? I was really sad, when I saw on the packaging it actually was a matte lip! [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 4 days to go …

Where getting so close, do you have all your presents yet? I hope you do! I really want to know what inside number 8! Another eye shimmer pot, the other shimmer was amazing it stayed on for the rest of my day! I first used a gel eyeshadow pencil from Catrice and pressed in the shimmer with a [...]