Makeup Products Not Worth Buying 

Sadly enough we all have bought bad makeup product that just doesn't get the job done, most product are inexpensive but that doesn't mean that drugstore product are not worth trying. Sometimes they you find diamonds and the next it's just dirt ... This is just a bad product what did I expect from 1€, … Continue reading Makeup Products Not Worth Buying 


P.S Pro Oval Makeup Brushes

This set comes with a large, medium and small brushes with an irresistible rose gold colour. I was first grabbing to the black brushes but this set I just can't resist. I hear different things about these so I search and I got them, I've been searching them for a while now but there not … Continue reading P.S Pro Oval Makeup Brushes

Little birthday party

I wanted to do something more than a cake and people singing happy birthday. So I planned a little party with my friends and family. I had a perfect place for a drink and something to snack on, not far from my home there was a little cafe. My mom and dad made the place … Continue reading Little birthday party