Gifts that I still Adore!

The craziness is over finally, I was not ready at all. Of course, I had everyone’s gifts but mentally I wasn’t in the holiday spirit. I just was working and not thinking about other things… So to celebrate & enjoy the new year now I still have a few things to show you. A year…

So many reasons to choose for this Deodorant!

Are you willing to give up your anti-transparent pressurized deodorant? For a much better skin & environment-friendly product, That actually works. Pressurized deo’s are not only harmful to your skin but also to the well-being of this earth. The Weleda citrus deodorant gives you all of these benefits and all day freshness. Why Change? Changing…

Vacation in Portugal

A photo a day! My vacation in Portugal Algarve/Albufeira. We drove scooters, went on a Safari trip but without the animals, shopped in Sephora. and no one got sunburnt this vacation. Yes Goals!

Glamglow Glittermask Firming Treatment My Experience

Glamglow has after along waiting time reached Belgium stores! So to get this for my birthday was a real surprise! Are you’re a fan? Or you never heard of Glamglow before. This is your chance to get to know more about this brand and one of their products I’m testing out today!

22th Birthday @ Disneyland Paris

Last week I showed you the gifts I got for my birthday, I’m grateful for them but the most important thing was my birthday June 6. I enjoyed and celebrated with my boyfriend in Disneyland Paris.

Urban Decay palette inspired by one lipstick

Yes after along time I bought myself an Urban Decay palette finely got one, the eye & face palette backtalk. It came out around my birthday so I had to wait. Maybe a shocker to you but this is my first makeup palette from them, Weird for a beautyblogger but for everyone there are first…

Total Tempation, this is why all mascara’s are different.

First impression of the Maybeline Total Control Washable mascara. When applying it to my lashes I loved the way it gave volume and lengthensย my lashes. After completing my makeup look I have the feeling my lashes are sticking together but after a while that goes away. What I miss in this mascara is that coating…