New Brand Thursday – WYCON

Photo by The Italian brand Wycon was an unknown brand for me, first time I visited was in brussels, the store looked fun and something new to try. They worked with lots of bold colours and the store had the music up high, it looked a fun work place the staff was super happy … Continue reading New Brand Thursday – WYCON


Eyeliner sharp & lipgloss plump

This week I'm going to test a new makeup company, NYX arrived in belgium this summer, I visited ones and picked up these 2 goodies. Tomorrow I'm going again with a list of product I'm more interested in. Because if A new company arrived I like to research what the best products are, so I … Continue reading Eyeliner sharp & lipgloss plump

Makeup Eraser dupe?!

Maybe I believe in little wonders but I bought this item in a store in belgium called "Action" maybe some of you know what kind of store that is, where you can find some fun things for a little price, well this makeup remover I found for just 0,89 €. At first I was WOW … Continue reading Makeup Eraser dupe?!

August Favorites 2016 – Closing summer

Reviewing my last summer products, Sad to say this but summer is really over now. August was amazing and here are some products I used on vacation, Hema clay mask if you can, try this product it's a must have. Clay is so good for your skin and by the way your skin feels amazing … Continue reading August Favorites 2016 – Closing summer

Essence – Autumn’New In

The newest Essence products, these are a few of the new collection to test and share with you. There are 2 new mascara's a new foundation, compact powder, concealer, matt & satin blushers, contouring palette, new nail colours, matt lipsticks, etc. One product they didn't have, where the matt lip gloss maybe I will order … Continue reading Essence – Autumn’New In

4 Tips for the perfect picture – Fuji Film

I love seeing pictures on paper before everything went digital, They have more value for me and gives so much more. Now you take a picture with your phone, if the pictures turn to dark you just edit away. But if you have a Instax camera then it's different. I 'm going to learn you … Continue reading 4 Tips for the perfect picture – Fuji Film

Real techniques: Must have brushes for highlight&Contour lovers

This week I'm testing the Real Techniques Collector's edition from Sam & Nic Chapman. With this sculpting set you get three brushes: Sculpting Brush, Fan brush and a Setting brush.Β In love with contouring, highlighter or baking this is the set you need. Even the fan brush is an exclusive cut, It's a limited brush set … Continue reading Real techniques: Must have brushes for highlight&Contour lovers