March Favorites – 2017

I feel the summer get closer and closer it's so blissful when the sun hits your face. I realise that makeup is so fun during these months, wear a fun bright eye colour or use your favorite bronzer. These few items I used the most and I never leave my February Favorites but sometimes you switch products, … Continue reading March Favorites – 2017


November Favorites – 2016

Vaseline body oil: For healthy glowing skin even in the winter months, This is not your typical moisturizer. Use it if you have time because It doesn't try immediately. If you wait your skin will be gorgeous. Physicians Formula: If been using this quit a bit this month and it has a light feel it's not … Continue reading November Favorites – 2016

April Favorites – 2016

Welcome back to my favorites of the month April! I will review all my loved products and share it with you. I can't believe its may already it's so sunny and feels like its summer but that can change quickly over here 😀 I have this lipstick for a while now but this month I … Continue reading April Favorites – 2016

March Favorites – 2016 

Hi everyone, yes it's all ready the end of March, Crazy uh? So I'm back with my favorites and let me tell you what I've been using over and over again... Beauty&Care   These where my two foundation I used like crazy, you can see there torn up. I mixed them together to get the perfect … Continue reading March Favorites – 2016 

February Favorites – 2016

Hey welcome back too my monthly favorites, this month I didn't try so much new stuff but of course I have been using some of my favorite things. Let's get started... Beauty&care This I have for a longer time but I been using it everywhere, I take it in my purse so I don't have … Continue reading February Favorites – 2016

January Favorites – 2016

Welcome to my first Favorites of the month, It will include beauty and care, games, lifestyle, music, nail polish and so much more! Bath&Body So for long I've been using the lush showergel's they are the best and it goes on in on with that one 100g bottle. Longer than other soaps I use, It's like a … Continue reading January Favorites – 2016