You’re Such A Tease!

Recently I pounced upon this beautiful perfume on one of my purposeless strolls to Primark, you know, the not really going to buy anything but just need to know everything in the shop just in case I'm asked about it in exams kind of window shopping. Ok so being the dedicated customer that I am, … Continue reading You’re Such A Tease!


9 WAYS TO STYLE BOOTS ft. Haute & comely

Thanks to fashion blogger Mariร nneย I can share this beautiful post with you! It's boots season yet again. Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate some boots into your outfits this autumn/fall. Ankle boots, thigh high boots,riding boots, whatever your style is. It shouldn't be a challenge to style your outfits around them. I … Continue reading 9 WAYS TO STYLE BOOTS ft. Haute & comely