Highlighter made by unicorn – I Heart Makeup

Today on my blog, a magical product that looks like heaven for every highlighter lover in the world, I got this in my local drugstore and I was surprised by the new makeup collection from I ♥ Makeup, They have so much different product that are just stunning but this one intrigued me the most. Their packaging is [...]

LUSH – Reusable Bubblebar

Every ones and awhile you have to visit Lush, it makes me so happy stepping in to their stores, it's so colourful and the scent's of all the products are overwhelmingly good. I hunted the limited giraffe for a long time, I kept seeing this product on their social's but every time they didn't have them [...]

Happy New Year – Be Grateful For Everything ♥

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you started your new year great with lots of love or food. Yes I'm very grateful for this year I want to thank everybody that made this year amazing and special! But 2016 was not always the best some how I feel better and happier than before, let's enjoy the [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 1 days to go …

Can you believe it's tomorrow Christmas I can't wait to celebrate, I want to know what gift's everyone got me. I can see one gift right know let's open door 11... This time door was a really beautiful sparkle red nail polish, called sleigh bells. Just as the golden polish it had a paint smell, [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 2 days to go …

Opening day 10 of the beauty calendar, what is your favorite thing to do during this season? I love coming together and opening gifts. I wish we could celebrate Christmas more than ones. Day 10 was the glitter liner in gold named treasured, I loved the first silver liner so it's nice there are 2 [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 3 days to go …

Door 9 is waiting for us to open, can you tell what's inside? This calendar is almost over but I want to open a door everyday even after Christmas ...   My first thoughts where another red lip gloss? I was really sad, when I saw on the packaging it actually was a matte lip! [...]

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 8 days to go …

Beauty present number 4, First some fairylights and some hot chocolate. Let's open this present... Something new I never seen a product like this, I opened the lit and it was golden glitter flakes. What is this? Btw my phone right now is full of glitter. This is an eyeshadow glitter pot in the shade [...]