5 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

After opening this box I swear I don't have to buy makeup for a year. It's alot in 12 days but I am enjoying every minute. Do what you love, nothing is more enjoyable than doing my makeup in the morning sealing it with a makeup spray so your beautiful work doesn't mel away. In … Continue reading 5 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing



I glanced at these eyeshadow a while back and I finally had the time to pick not one but 2 of these good-looking babies not the cheapest for one shadow but definitely worth it for me. They come in 18 different colours so it's for you to choose,  because there one for one stunning shadows, the … Continue reading MAC DIMENSION EYESHADOWS

Etos – Hydrating makeup spray

This week I'm reviewing the Etos Hydrating spray, I thought my first makeup spray was working but this product does wonders, it helps you stay fresh and hydrated though the day... I spray this when I just finished my makeup to set everything, and through the day I spray this makeup mist one or twice … Continue reading Etos – Hydrating makeup spray