Etos – shower foam collection

If you're not familiar with shower foams than this blog post will tell you everything you have to know. My first thought was that the feeling of washing your body with this kind of soap form, it feels so soft to the touch and to your body. It's so much more funΒ with foam because it … Continue reading Etos – shower foam collection


September Favorites – 2016

September was gone in a split second so fast, so I didn't have the time to buy or even try new beauty products, these are products I still enjoy using everyday... Etos make-up hydrating spray: I loved this fixing spray, sure I'm using the entire bottle because it gives the finishing touch to your makeup … Continue reading September Favorites – 2016

Etos – Hydrating makeup spray

This week I'm reviewing the Etos Hydrating spray, I thought my first makeup spray was working but this product does wonders, it helps you stay fresh and hydrated though the day... I spray this when I just finished my makeup to set everything, and through the day I spray this makeup mist one or twice … Continue reading Etos – Hydrating makeup spray