The last day before Christmas

Of course is the brightest for last, when I picked this palette up first I wasn't excited but still interested  in all these neon/bright colours. When I shot my swatch photo's my first impression changed. Look at these lovely pigmented shadows, I was surprised at the colours I can't what to make stunning eyelooks nobody … Continue reading The last day before Christmas


LUSH – Reusable Bubblebar

Every ones and awhile you have to visit Lush, it makes me so happy stepping in to their stores, it's so colourful and the scent's of all the products are overwhelmingly good. I hunted the limited giraffe for a long time, I kept seeing this product on their social's but every time they didn't have them … Continue reading LUSH – Reusable Bubblebar

Kiko Milano – Velvet Passion Lipsticks

Velvet Passion, these matte lipstick are the best sellers from Kiko Milano, This range has 20 different shades from dark to light. With every shade you find a perfect lip liner, with the online guide so you don't have to search yourself. This lipstick is indeed very creamy like it claims and has a soft … Continue reading Kiko Milano – Velvet Passion Lipsticks

Etos – Hydrating makeup spray

This week I'm reviewing the Etos Hydrating spray, I thought my first makeup spray was working but this product does wonders, it helps you stay fresh and hydrated though the day... I spray this when I just finished my makeup to set everything, and through the day I spray this makeup mist one or twice … Continue reading Etos – Hydrating makeup spray

Thoughts about wearing make-up + The truth?

How I feel wearing makeup? For everyone it's a different reason. So do what makes YOU happy. My thoughts about makeup and wearing it. My first makeup product was a low budget mascara, I don't remember what brand. I watch a lot of beauty guru's on youtube that where testing all different makeup product and … Continue reading Thoughts about wearing make-up + The truth?

A new start!

Hi blog readers ♥ Today is THE day! A couple of months I have been thinking to start a blog. Of course I wanted this for a longer time but I was afraid to start. After some YouTube tutorials and pinterest hunts, If been working on my blog nonstop and keeping sure I wanted this for real and not … Continue reading A new start!