The beauty Tag

1. Do you remember your first makeup item? Yes, I purchased a mascara that was the first makeup item I purchased myself, a brand that was not well know. It was so cheap and bad but I believed it was the best thing that happened. 2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that … Continue reading The beauty Tag


Would you love a flawless makeup look everyday?

Yes the famous Maybelline light but full coverage foundation, Yes YouTube made me buy it. Every one was hyping it up and of course my love for drugstore makeup, I couldn't pass this one. A week later I came across this product and grabbed the lightest shade ( I thought)  10 Ivory. In today's blog … Continue reading Would you love a flawless makeup look everyday?

6 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

Listen to Christmas music, get your cosy blanket and glance at your beautiful Christmas tree. Perfect way to read and online shop, get your last present and prepare your Christmas day/evening. In today's post is all about preparation so for a long-lasting makeup look is primer the key. I tested this with a product of … Continue reading 6 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

You’re Such A Tease!

Recently I pounced upon this beautiful perfume on one of my purposeless strolls to Primark, you know, the not really going to buy anything but just need to know everything in the shop just in case I'm asked about it in exams kind of window shopping. Ok so being the dedicated customer that I am, … Continue reading You’re Such A Tease!

New Brand Thursday – WYCON

Photo by The Italian brand Wycon was an unknown brand for me, first time I visited was in brussels, the store looked fun and something new to try. They worked with lots of bold colours and the store had the music up high, it looked a fun work place the staff was super happy … Continue reading New Brand Thursday – WYCON

Christmas Beauty Calendar – 10 days to go …

Present two, I'm ready! are you? Let's open this door. I love the glitter bows detailing btw. If you liked the first day be sure to like this post as well! See the live opening on instagram: Robinbeeblog It's really cute and is really handy for in your purse, but i'm a little disappointed in this … Continue reading Christmas Beauty Calendar – 10 days to go …

Kiko Milano – Velvet Passion Lipsticks

Velvet Passion, these matte lipstick are the best sellers from Kiko Milano, This range has 20 different shades from dark to light. With every shade you find a perfect lip liner, with the online guide so you don't have to search yourself. This lipstick is indeed very creamy like it claims and has a soft … Continue reading Kiko Milano – Velvet Passion Lipsticks