The beauty Tag

1. Do you remember your first makeup item? Yes, I purchased a mascara that was the first makeup item I purchased myself, a brand that was not well know. It was so cheap and bad but I believed it was the best thing that happened. 2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that … Continue reading The beauty Tag


Would you love a flawless makeup look everyday?

Yes the famous Maybelline light but full coverage foundation, Yes YouTube made me buy it. Every one was hyping it up and of course my love for drugstore makeup, I couldn't pass this one. A week later I came across this product and grabbed the lightest shade ( I thought)  10 Ivory. In today's blog … Continue reading Would you love a flawless makeup look everyday?

Urban Decay Glide-on eyepencil

Urban Decay released this fall the Naked Heat collection in this line they added  3  new lipsticks (Heat, Fuel, Scorched) and 2 new eyeliners (Torch & Alkaline) including the heat palette which was added later. I choose the eyeliner 'Torch", this new collection is really staying on my list. The colour range is on fire! But … Continue reading Urban Decay Glide-on eyepencil

Wishlist 2018 – Beauty Edition

Upgrading my makeup stash is what I want, but some factors in online shopping or shopping in general hold me back. Shipping cost, product price,what colour to pick,... but now I wanna go through. Just being a little selfish and get what I want. 1) Colourpop: First time when I discovered this brand they didn't ship to … Continue reading Wishlist 2018 – Beauty Edition

5 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

After opening this box I swear I don't have to buy makeup for a year. It's alot in 12 days but I am enjoying every minute. Do what you love, nothing is more enjoyable than doing my makeup in the morning sealing it with a makeup spray so your beautiful work doesn't mel away. In … Continue reading 5 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

6 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

Listen to Christmas music, get your cosy blanket and glance at your beautiful Christmas tree. Perfect way to read and online shop, get your last present and prepare your Christmas day/evening. In today's post is all about preparation so for a long-lasting makeup look is primer the key. I tested this with a product of … Continue reading 6 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

7 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

Good day my Christmas shoppers! What do we get in today's post, well this product is new to me I never tried a strobe cream before. New brand, new product, 2 new discoveries in one day. Let's begin. Makeup Revolution strobe cream can be used underneath the foundation for a healthy warm glow or on … Continue reading 7 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing