Review beached palette from Urban Decay

In today’s blog post we are playing with The Beached Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay. New eyeshadow shade that are inspired by california summers, beach, sea and sun. Keep reading further in my post I’m showing arm swatches up close and a makeup look I created with this eyeshadow palette only.

It’s Time For To Embracelet A Jewelry Habit You Can Stick To

The perfect wardrobe is a goal we all work towards. It may seem as elusive as the tomorrow that never comes, but still, we all want to perfect our outfits. And, sometimes, we manage to get them right. Well, except for one thing, anyway… The sad fact is, even once we have clothes down, many of…

Glamglow Glittermask Firming Treatment My Experience

Glamglow has after along waiting time reached Belgium stores! So to get this for my birthday was a real surprise! Are you’re a fan? Or you never heard of Glamglow before. This is your chance to get to know more about this brand and one of their products I’m testing out today!

The body shop in rosada – outlet haul

When you go out shopping in an outlet you tend to spent more than in a regular store, if you’re like me you love discounts. So an outlet is heaven, not everyone like to say that out loud but it’s true. I found what I was looking for in The Body Shop, a night cream,…

Do you need a new style?

We all need a little change from time to time, it’s just about the change that you want to make. With fashion, it’s so easy to switch things up and recreate yourself, but it’s so easy for people not to do it because they fear what they’ll end up looking like, or just because they…

22th Birthday @ Disneyland Paris

Last week I showed you the gifts I got for my birthday, I’m grateful for them but the most important thing was my birthday June 6. I enjoyed and celebrated with my boyfriend in Disneyland Paris.

Budgeting For Your Beauty Items

Do you find that you spend a large chunk of your monthly money on beauty items? It is easily done! After all, there seems to be a new beauty product on the market every day, and there are so many different items designed to tackle different problems. With that being said, read on to discover…

Look what I got for my 22th birthday

MAC eyeshadow palette Fashion Fanatic Urban Decay eyeshadow palette beached &  bronzer Glamglow Gravitymud glittermask Lush Ray Of Sunshine And amazing trip to Disneyland on my Birthday

Urban Decay palette inspired by one lipstick

Yes after along time I bought myself an Urban Decay palette finely got one, the eye & face palette backtalk. It came out around my birthday so I had to wait. Maybe a shocker to you but this is my first makeup palette from them, Weird for a beautyblogger but for everyone there are first…

Total Tempation, this is why all mascara’s are different.

First impression of the Maybeline Total Control Washable mascara. When applying it to my lashes I loved the way it gave volume and lengthens my lashes. After completing my makeup look I have the feeling my lashes are sticking together but after a while that goes away. What I miss in this mascara is that coating…