Is it worth buying 1$ makeup?

Is it really worth buying inexpensive makeup? I tested ShopMissA for the third time and really picking the best products, they recently created their own brand AOA Studio all cruelty free and for 1$. That made me really excited to order again. Here are the products I picked and tested for a week. Finely purchased … Continue reading Is it worth buying 1$ makeup?


Hit and misses Revolution box – RECAP

If 12 days of Christmas wasn't enough, than this post is for you. A recap from the Revolution London makeup box. An overview of all the product that where in my blog posts over the course of 12 days, I reviewed one product A day until Christmas. In this post writing about the hit and … Continue reading Hit and misses Revolution box – RECAP

My personal 2017 FAVORITES

Let's recap 2017 beautyblogger style, I'll be showing you my makeup products I adored the most in this year. After stopping in April with my favorites of the month, because my makeup routine was for a long time the same and I wanted interesting posts to publics on my blog instead of the same things. … Continue reading My personal 2017 FAVORITES

The last day before Christmas

Of course is the brightest for last, when I picked this palette up first I wasn't excited but still interested  in all these neon/bright colours. When I shot my swatch photo's my first impression changed. Look at these lovely pigmented shadows, I was surprised at the colours I can't what to make stunning eyelooks nobody … Continue reading The last day before Christmas

2 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

Christmas is so close right now! Every year the countdown gets me really excited! Because everyone is waiting to celebrate the holidays. What are you most excited for this time of the year? In today post I'm reviewing the Ultra Metals eyeshadow palette. Yesterdays post I review the neutrals version of these shades, Same quality … Continue reading 2 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

3 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing

Going to the 10th product in this 12 day until Christmas box we arrive to the first eyeshadow palette from revolution London, I never tried shadows from them before so  I'm surprised how it will turn out. I always see beautiful swatches on Instagram and stunning eye looks, let's give them a try. In this ultra newtrals … Continue reading 3 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing