So many reasons to choose for this Deodorant!

Are you willing to give up your anti-transparent pressurized deodorant? For a much better skin & environment-friendly product, That actually works. Pressurized deo’s are not only harmful to your skin but also to the well-being of this earth. The Weleda citrus deodorant gives you all of these benefits and all day freshness. Why Change? Changing…

Glamglow Glittermask Firming Treatment My Experience

Glamglow has after along waiting time reached Belgium stores! So to get this for my birthday was a real surprise! Are you’re a fan? Or you never heard of Glamglow before. This is your chance to get to know more about this brand and one of their products I’m testing out today!

The body shop in rosada – outlet haul

When you go out shopping in an outlet you tend to spent more than in a regular store, if you’re like me you love discounts. So an outlet is heaven, not everyone like to say that out loud but it’s true. I found what I was looking for in The Body Shop, a night cream,…

The bodyshop & flying tiger Haul

Not only new products on my blog but new quality photo’s aswell I’m so happy to announce I upgraded my pictures from a Iphone 5S to a Canon EOS 1300D.  My previous flatlays where my Iphone but the lip swatches I did where my new camera. It was a long process but I finally did it….

LUSH – Reusable Bubblebar

Every ones and awhile you have to visit Lush, it makes me so happy stepping in to their stores, it’s so colourful and the scent’s of all the products are overwhelmingly good. I hunted the limited giraffe for a long time, I kept seeing this product on their social’s but every time they didn’t have them…