You Have No Idea How Important Fashion Can Be For Your Career

Pic Credit You might think that fashion is merely a hobby or perhaps just a personal preference. Fashion and being fashionable isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, right? Wrong because actually fashion can impact a number of other variables in your life. You might not realize this, but there are a number of … Continue reading You Have No Idea How Important Fashion Can Be For Your Career


Click, Follow, share, love!

This week is a little different I will not be talking about makeup, I just wanna hop on and let you know everything is okay, Today all 4 of my wishdom teeth are being removed. So no makeup talk on thursday, sorry but I don't want to worry about anything this week and just recover. … Continue reading Click, Follow, share, love!

Caught In The Fabric: Meeting Other Fashion Bloggers

Photo by @flaunter on unsplashed The business of fashion is a serious one, and when it comes to doing your darndest to communicate the highs and lows of next season. Or even what the perfect wardrobe looks like with minimal money, the best advice for any fashion blogger, apart from keeping your ears to the ground … Continue reading Caught In The Fabric: Meeting Other Fashion Bloggers

Wishlist 2018 – Beauty Edition

Upgrading my makeup stash is what I want, but some factors in online shopping or shopping in general hold me back. Shipping cost, product price,what colour to pick,... but now I wanna go through. Just being a little selfish and get what I want. 1) Colourpop: First time when I discovered this brand they didn't ship to … Continue reading Wishlist 2018 – Beauty Edition

A Christmas filled with lots of new makeup

December has arrived again! What a year, flew by in a second. I always have mixed emotions with December, I'm happy because it my favorite holiday season but still the year is over. You lose and gain in every way so let's celebrate let's make it worth remembering. This year I was looking around quit … Continue reading A Christmas filled with lots of new makeup

Wash your laundry with soapnuts ?!

  Your properly not the only one that looks twice or even never heard of this product before, we been doing this for years and yes my clothes feel and are still looking amazing. My mom began making her own soap with these soap berry's they come in 3 different ways you can use them the … Continue reading Wash your laundry with soapnuts ?!

Lush – Yellow submarine

I was waiting for their new bathboms, everytime I step in my local lush store I peeped around, finally it arrived! I always smell their products first before buying them like who doesn't. So I picked this bathbom up and it smelled like fresh sliced lemons or oranges,  my favorite when it comes to bath … Continue reading Lush – Yellow submarine