The Guide To A Perfect Wardrobe

Picture Source It’s hard to nail fashion. You see people on the street who seem to look effortlessly flawless and wonder “what do they know that I don’t?” as you walk on by. Well, there isn’t some great secret that you’re missing. Fashion is all about putting effort into your appearance. You can look casual … Continue reading The Guide To A Perfect Wardrobe


Wash your laundry with soapnuts ?!

  Your properly not the only one that looks twice or even never heard of this product before, we been doing this for years and yes my clothes feel and are still looking amazing. My mom began making her own soap with these soap berry's they come in 3 different ways you can use them the … Continue reading Wash your laundry with soapnuts ?!

Forever 21 -Clothing Haul

Last week I order some new goodies from Forever 21, There where having a free shipping over 20€, so I immediately started shopping on there website. I was in need of some new clothing,  I bought 3 items for 34,09€ so let's see what I got. I order them on 17/10 and they arrived on … Continue reading Forever 21 -Clothing Haul