Gifts that I still Adore!

The craziness is over finally, I was not ready at all. Of course, I had everyone’s gifts but mentally I wasn’t in the holiday spirit. I just was working and not thinking about other things…

So to celebrate & enjoy the new year now I still have a few things to show you. A year back I had a whole list that everyone could gift me but now I don’t feel the need to attach myself to objects. I’m trying the ‘less is more’ way of living, currently, my state isn’t perfect like that but I’m trying like I said.

The picture speaks for its self, but these are my most adored presents. If you know me you can not go wrong with something from Lush. The second most loved present, I was doubting to buy it myself. Instead, I receivedย the bucket list book for couples as a Christmas gift. The Ariana Grande sweetener album, Oh boy have I been waiting to get this album in my possession, it’s a real treasure.

We all have favorites…

Mine most adored gifts are the sweetener album from Ariana Grande and my new Fiamme Shoes.

Last but not least my record player, to play my beautiful new album on, cinema tickets and a little leopard purse.

What are your most adored presents ๐ŸŽ ?


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