So many reasons to choose for this Deodorant!

Are you willing to give up your anti-transparent pressurized deodorant? For a much better skin & environment-friendly product, That actually works. Pressurized deo’s are not only harmful to your skin but also to the well-being of this earth. The Weleda citrus deodorant gives you all of these benefits and all day freshness.


Why Change?

Changing your deodorant can be challenging but once you learn about the bad side of Pressurized anti-transparent deodorants, girl I think you’ll quickly switch to a better alternative. Many people roll their eyes at me and think why the heck should I switch to natural? Why should we change? Well, it takes baby steps to create a better environment but if 150 people thought the same and kept inspiring each other to do better. That small step can grow and give a big in packed on the earth. Same with the plastic. We can decrease The Plastic Soup only if we work together.


Let’s zoom in

This product stood out because of the spray diffuser, many of these products that are all natural deodorants are only available in roll-on or stick forms. With a spray, it’s easier to apply and hygienic. But if you prefer roll-on deo’s they have them too with the same scents, personally Citrus is my favorite, the other option are herbal & roses. The bottle itself is glass, just the spray top is plastic. Reuse or recycle.


Why it’s so natural?

Seeing that most ingredients listed on the box have natural essential oils. The ones that are not, are all neutral and not harmful for the skin. Weleda uses raw grain alcohol, a natural fermented plant-based sugar to preserve their natural ingredients.


Why is it so different?

Because it’s free from antiperspirants including aluminum salts, synthetic preservatives or fragrances, colorants and raw materials imitated from mineral oils. It’s 100% safe for the skin and without any chemicals bad for you and the earth.




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