How to survive winter.

Winter is here and it’s immediately turn the world from hot and sweaty to freezing  your butts off outside, while we slowly celebrate our holidays one by one. Some of use tend to change and do certain things we would never to in the summer. Winter can be so much fun. One way or another you have to see through that coldness, and find a way to enjoy &  prepare yourself for the winter time.

First of all getting your home a winter make over! Yes, Getting out the cozy blankets, candles, slippers or fuzzy sock. in any means get yourself cozy at home.
Pull out all of the warmest sweaters and see if you have enough! Purchase more if needed.


Making a Christmas gift list before hand, so you don’t have to search for”last-minute gifts”.


Christmas markets, no better way to enjoy the winter.


Remove yourself from work and stress, Do some yoga, self-care is so important these days, so enjoy your whole day in your Pyjamas or onesie, watch a feel good movie or play some video games. Don’t forget a hot chocolate to keep you warm and cozy.


Enter before 24/12/’18. Read here how to win!



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