Christmas On A budget

Christmas gifts, decorations or dinners, the bill runs higher and higher but on some parts, you can easily save some cash. Prepare everything! When you are rushing and buying like crazy of course you’re going to spend more. Go in with a budget before buying gifts and even decorations.

Important budgeting list:

1. Don’t be lazy and plan ahead.

2. Search the perfect gifts in time.

3. Make a list with the budget per person.

4. Shop for gifts during the sales.

5. Create a secret Santa, huge money saver.

6. In some cases, it’s easier to just ask the person what they want, without spending money on something they don’t need.

7. Give them cash, if they’re saving up for a gift.

8. Do your shopping after the holidays, most stores have clearances of Christmas trees and or ornaments.

9. Make or recycle Christmas decorations.

10. Buy cheap basic Christmas ornaments. ( overpriced ornaments).


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