The way I think about Mac Cosmetics!

I’m curious, are you familiar with @Maccosmetics? I love to stay in my low budget makeup bubble (Essence, Catrice, Makeup Revolution,….). Okay, I do sometimes shop at Ici Paris or Sephora but for the most part, drugstores are my safe spot. This got me thinking because I got this palette for my birthday and I got a few other products from Mac cosmetics that I purchased my self but I don’t use them as much as my @revolutionbeauty products, it’s weird because I love to explore new makeup in a mac store but I find my self just looking at the lip-products because that intrigues me the most.

Why I don’t prefer Mac Cosmetics is because it’s expensive and not cruelty free, that’s so messed up! I’m not saying I’m never buying from Mac again but I feel less attracted to buy makeup from them.

If you feel the same or can’t relate at all let me know! What are your thougths?


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  1. How funny that you say that because I am pretty much the same, I always prefer using my budget friendly products. I’ve had one blush from Mac for like 5 years and I’ve probably only used it 5 times. I have many high end palettes and I still use my Zoeva one every day X) kinda crazy!

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Yes just the same it’s weird because I love to have high end makeup but then I don’t use it. I don’t get it 😅


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