Vacation in Portugal

A photo a day! My vacation in Portugal Algarve/Albufeira. We drove scooters, went on a Safari trip but without the animals, shopped in Sephora. and no one got sunburnt this vacation. Yes Goals!



00:00 We started our trip in the car destination Quick Parking near the airport in Schiphol. We took off at 6:00 and arrived around 12:00 at Vila Galé! We had to wait until 2pm to check in our room so we first picked up the scooters we rented. My first time on a scooter, Nope never again haha I was so clumsy in the first hour I already drop the scooter and scratched the whole thing and my boyfriend lost but found his scooter keys again. Fun they said! I didn’t want to ride te scooter again, we settled us at the hotels pool to rest of course 14:00 Checked in finally in our room. 18:00 In the evening we ate at a local steak house.



9:30 We woke up when to the breakfast buffet so much food I always overeat myself. 12:00 Next thing we immediately return my scooter and get a GPS on my Boyfriends scooter, we were all set and drove to Shopping Algarve a 15 minute drive from our hotel so we spent our day their, This mall had a Sephora, Stradivarius, Kiko Milano and a food court with KFC and Burger King. 19:00 we ate in a local Pizza Hut, My boyfriend got a pizza of course and I got a pasta dish.



9:30 I loved waking up and eating my breakfast I wish I had a buffet every morning! 12:00 we had a little shopping mall 1 minute from our hotel Vila Galé, With A supermarket and a little food court. We got some drinks & snacks. On the side of the mall where small stands with little things: Fluffy lama’s, Electric Cigaret Lighters, Wallets, Dream Catchers,etc…. The electric lighters intrigued my boyfriend so he got one and of course why we stopped because I saw the Lama it was the last one so I had to have him. 14:00 Return to our hotel Swimming pool and tested my pineapple floaty. Went to the shopping Algarve 15 minutes from us for some cash out of a MB automatic (With ATM you have to pay more to use the machine so  be carefull) 19:00 got some KFC and Burgerking.



9:30 We got ourselves up and ready to go eat some breakfast. Later on we decided to go and visited The strip or Monte Choro Strip in Portugal, It was described as a long road of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés serving full English breakfasts that’s buzzing all day and stays that way well into the early hours of the morning.


At 18:00 the Jeep of the Sunset Tour picked us up at our hotel. It was a safari trip from 18:00 till 22:00 with evening diner for 30€ pp. It was so much fun we travel though little villages, stopt at an old castle, we came across a natural swimming pool, past wine and orange farms, Stopt at a brewing station of some kind of alcohol that was 50% not my taste and afterwards some pure honey. We drove further to the top of the mountain to see the Sunset go down, it was amazing to see. 20:00 When the sun was completely down we went to the restaurant. It was super delicious, As starter a soup, main dish chicken and fries, as dessert slices melon and figs. 21:30 Then we raced with the jeep between crazy roads and little mountains until we where back at our hotel.



9:30 Always the same in the morning, we eat breakfast! 12:00 Packed my beach bag and we got on the scooter to go have a beach day! One thing my boyfriend needs is some shade so we bought a beach umbrella first! Enjoyed the sea and the sun, toke some pictures, got in the sea and thow with our rugby ball, search for some pretty stones and shells. 15:00 Drove back at the hotel and went for a swim at our pool.



9:30 waking up and enjoy our breakfast buffet for the last time. 12:00 Check out of the hotel, locked our suitcases at the hotel and went on a last ride with our scooter to return him to the Rental Service Algarve Riders. 13:00 We had enough time to chill at our pool and lay in the sun for a bit. 15:00 Change in our clothes and get McDonald. 16:10 The bus drives us the Faro Airport. 19:55 Flight delayed, finally takes off!


That was our trip to Portugal! I hope you enjoyed, Let me know what you did this summer?


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  1. Gorgeous photos!! xx

    -Charlotte /

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Thank you Charlotte! Xx


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