Youtubers I watch daily – 2018

My favorite thing to do is come home, eat and get cosy in the couch, if I’m not on Netflix or on my phone the most of my time I spent on YouTube. Some people can not relate at all and may sound weird.

Well, if you can relate I’m happy to share my YouTubers I watch.

  1. Shane dawson
  2. Jeffree Star
  3. Kalel
  4. Tea spill
  5. Channon Rose/RoseBeauty
  6. HeyParis
  7. Grav3yardgirl
  8. Colleen Ballinger
  9. Jolien Nathalie
  10. Jenna Marbles
  11. Liza Koshy/Liza Koshy Too
  12. PewDiePie

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