Sephora Haul – Portugal

My @sephora purchases, I didn’t go to Portugal with the intention to buy lots of makeup. But when I travel, Sephora is my go to store I really miss in Belgium! I can’t be the only one? This time I tried the Sephora Collection because their products are actually just as good as other brands….

Vacation in Portugal

A photo a day! My vacation in Portugal Algarve/Albufeira. We drove scooters, went on a Safari trip but without the animals, shopped in Sephora. and no one got sunburnt this vacation. Yes Goals!

Youtubers I watch daily – 2018

My favorite thing to do is come home, eat and get cosy in the couch, if I’m not on Netflix or on my phone the most of my time I spent on YouTube. Some people can not relate at all and may sound weird. Well, if you can relate I’m happy to share my YouTubers I…

Adventure Headquarters: Finding Your Place Overseas

Most people have a place in the world which they dream of seeing. Having looked at photos, blog posts, and other resources around the web, you probably have an idea of the sort of locations you’d like to explore. A vacation isn’t often enough for this, though, as it simply doesn’t give you enough time…