You Have No Idea How Important Fashion Can Be For Your Career

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You might think that fashion is merely a hobby or perhaps just a personal preference. Fashion and being fashionable isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, right? Wrong because actually fashion can impact a number of other variables in your life. You might not realize this, but there are a number of times when the right fashion choice could have a tremendous impact on your career. Let’s look at a few of the situations where this is the case.

For A Job Interview

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Believe it or not, employers decide whether they want to hire you five minutes after meeting you. How do they do this, you ask? After all, it’s not like they could know you in any real way based on a five-minute meeting? It’s likely that two factors come into play here. The first is a gut instinct. A lot of employers will trust their gut and hire someone who they think will be a great fit in their company. They will also judge you based on your appearance. You need to be well presented when you attend a job interview because people will decide whether they want to hire you based on the way you look.

So where does fashion come into play? If you are fashionable, you are modern, uptodate with the latest trends and you realise that appearance does matter. Someone wearing a designer suit or perhaps a fashionable dress or skirt with matching shoes is far more likely to be hired compared to someone else who looks like they shopped at a bargain store. Why? Employers know that customers care about the little details like dress and appearance.

For Your Own Personal Brand

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The most basic example of this would be a music CD. If you are creating your own music CD on a site like Nationwide to promote your art, you do need to think about the cover. You need to make sure that you look fashionable and stylish because this will make people want to buy your product. It’s not just about selling your talent but rather about selling the idea of who you are.

This extends beyond the music industry. An profile image on social media, your Instagram page or your blog, should all have a picture of you where you look highly fashionable and stylish. By doing this, you can make sure you get the most personal and professional interest online possible.

For Those Moments Of Serendipity

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Serendipity is best described as a fateful chance encounter. You’d be amazed how many people advance their career due to chance meetings they have in the real world. This could be someone who sits next to you in a coffee shop or perhaps someone you bump into on the street. It could be a brand new client or a future employer. Again, appearance and fashion matter here. If you are well presented, you are far more likely to encounter serendipity in your career.

We hope this helps you realize just how important fashion can be for your livelihood.


18 thoughts on “You Have No Idea How Important Fashion Can Be For Your Career

  1. absoluut, kleding is zo belangrijk. Hoe je eruit ziet zegt meteen hoe je overkomt. Maar ook jij voelt je jezelf mooier en zekerder in bepaalde kleding. En dat straal je uit!

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  2. Heerlijk om te lezen, ook al is het Engels haha. Ik vind het heel belangrijk om ook op zakelijk gebied te laten zien wie je bent. Moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik mezelf dus niet totaal anders kleed dan hoe ik dat normaal doe. Bepaalde items zal ik ook dan terug brengen.

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  3. Ik denk ook zeker dat het belangrijk is! Maar soms vind ik het jammer dat je je tijdens een sollicitatiegesprek anders kleed dan wie je echt bent. Omdat het natuurlijk netjes is, terwijl dat misschien voor je echte werk niet nodig is om er zo uit te zien.

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  4. It’s so true, but also hard. I know what to weat at what moment, but that tip of clothing is not for me and i hate how i feel in these tip of clothing.

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