Never struggle again with the wrong foundation shade!

Do you always end up with the wrong foundation shade? If it a yes then I found a massive game changer for us. Even when the colour isn’t right you keep on trying that foundation and wait to magically become lighter. Some brand have brought out lighting and darkening drops to make your foundation your personal shade. Today I’m testing the one from Hema a store that’s available in Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the Nederlands.

I knew Hema had this but never needed it the in my previous foundation review I bought the wrong shade, that why it popped in my head again this brand sells those drops, I now one other brand that make drops like these but the price is higher if this doesn’t give me the effect I want I can always try testing it from The body shop. Can’t wait see the full swatches alone and mixed in with the foundation down below.

Retails for 13ml for 4,75 really inexpensive. It makes your foundation really light and takes the orange right away, so perfect for all my pale girl out there. Finely our day has come that our faces will not be orange and you can be your natural flawless self.

The foundation colour drops help to neutralise yellowness while brighten the foundation and giving it a lighter colour, all because of the white and pink pigments in the colour drops. Just one drop can make a big difference like the swatches below you can see a drastic change in the colour. Isn’t it enough with one drop you can always add more to create your shade.

I would love to hear your thoughts good or bad! What is your experience with colour drops or foundation in general?

Robin Xx


19 thoughts on “Never struggle again with the wrong foundation shade!

    1. Foundation is inderdaad moeilijker maar BB of CC creams zijn iets makkelijker, zoek je toch naar iets lighter zijn deze wel perfect voor elke dag. In sommige zit er fps voor tegen de zon een goede manier om je te beschermen x


  1. Ik gebruik nooit foundations, ik zou dan ook niet weten welke kleur ik moet hebben of hoe op te smeren. Ik heb het nog nooit gebruikt. Ik ben van de generatie waarbij men het gezicht wel insmeerde, maar dan de nek vergat.

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  2. I haven’t tried colour drops yet, so far I got away mixing foundation that was too light with a foundation that was a bit dark but I can imagine for such item to have a place in my stash☺️

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