Would you love a flawless makeup look everyday?


Yes the famous Maybelline light but full coverage foundation, Yes YouTube made me buy it. Every one was hyping it up and of course my love for drugstore makeup, I couldn’t pass this one. A week later I came across this product and grabbed the lightest shade ( I thought)  10 Ivory. In today’s blog post why my face was orange and unhealthy.


Actually it’s not my shade at all, sadly enough it’s to dark but that aside I wanted to review this product for real but not with an orange face. The lighter shade is no wear to be found in a local store. So I bought a foundation light drops to actually try the SUPER STAY 24H full coverage foundation. I mixed the drops in and I created a wearable shade that looked normal. It’s definitely full coverage I would buy a shade lighter for sure if it was available. But I’m not mad about this foundation it retails for just 14,99€


Do I need this much coverage everyday because this formula is so light I could wear it on a daily basis but I’m not really for full coverage it can make feel I’m wearing too much makeup I love a flawless face ones in a while and I highly recommend this product, buy the correct colour not to dark like I did. I have no idea where to find one of the lighter shades. If you know where to find it let me know?


It darkens quit a bit if you let it sit for a few second. First photo is when I first applied it and then the second photo you can see pretty clear that it oxidises in seconds and because it already a darker shade for my skin tone, it just looks unhealthy when I leave it like that and don’t add lighting drops.

Review Recap

Full Coverage ♥♥♥
Super Light ♥♥
Long Lasting ♥
Affordable ♥♥♥
Shade Range ♥

What product should I try next time? Let me know I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Robin Xx


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