The one product you need from the Naked Heat collection.


Urban Decay released this fall the Naked Heat collection in this line they added  3  new lipsticks (Heat, Fuel, Scorched) and 2 new eyeliners (Torch & Alkaline) including the heat palette which was added later. I choose the eyeliner ‘Torch”, this new collection is really staying on my list. The colour range is on fire! But before buying the 55 euro palette I wanted to test something different from this brand and this stunning liner was my choice. It landed in front of my eyes before I knew it, I was standing at the store registers.


The softest eyeliner I’ve ever touched glides on so smooth and beautiful. Okay 21 euro for one eyeliner is a really high price. But it’s a high-end brand so I can’t ask for less. It’s not the drugstore I tell myself every time.


This is not only in 2 shades available, the eyeliner collection from Urban Decay has over 40 liners with different finishes, shimmer, satin, matte, metallic, duotone and glitter. This one is a matt finish that stays blendable for 30 seconds and then dries down to a long-lasting eyelook that will not budge. Literally waterproof! Because this product is so incredible smooth and a dream to apply, I wonder what’s in it? Well It’s created with 50% moisturizing ingredients and it’s smooth and dreamy because Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil is added to the formula.


I hope my next product of Urban decay will win my heart like this product did. What high-end product won your heart over?

Robin Xx


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