Maybelline Lash Trouble

I never repurchased the same mascara, did you? There are so many different ones on the market I wanna try them all. Sometimes I feel it’s like they always do the same. Some will    fail drastically and some will win your heart. Favorite part is wearing mascara, I will admit I can go without foundation and other face makeup because mascara is so powerful. I love my lashes coated in the blackest mascara there is. It creates the most beautiful eye-opening look without it I’m eyeless. Well, let’s talk about the mascara from Maybelline, Lash Sensational Luscious with a special oil blend.


Volume, smudge free, long-lasting, black as black shortly summarized : all in one what can you ask more and this product is still not my favorite it has all the thing and more a mascara is made for but it feels so heavy on my lashes and I find it hard to take off after wearing it a whole day. It’s stunning on the lashes though, I feel like my lashes grow when I apply it.

Maybe there is too much ingrediënts in this product. It’s the first mascara I tested and I ever used with an oil blend. In the Lash Sensational Luscious mascara you get 3 oils, they help reducing brittleness while creating a softer feel to lashes. Designed with Rose Oil, to help prevent hair from dehydration, Safflower Oil; a natural conditioner and Argan Oil, known to help nourish and provide brilliance to lashes.

I will wear this mascara if I want full luscious lashes. On work days it’s not really the right one. I feel if I would wear it on a daily basis that it wouldn’t feel like me. I still adore my L’oreal miss manga mascara the one I prefer the most. It isn’t a bad product it really is a personal preference like everyone has.

What is your ride to die mascara, that you always return too mine is the L’oreal Miss MangaRobin Xx


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