Fashionable On A Budget, It’s Easier Than You Think

Fashion is an art, and as artists, we often find ourselves suffering for it. Most of all, it might be our bank balances doing the lion’s share of suffering. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Becoming a fashionista on a budget is more than possible, it’s achievable with ease with just a few tips at your disposal.


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Don’t get price-tag obsessed

Why are you really into fashion? Are you more concerned about what the brand name and price tag signify or what the clothes and makeup signify? If it’s the former, skip this bit. If it’s the latter, then there are loads of cheaper brands that don’t skimp on quality. Dollar makeup brands like ShopMissA is well worth at least trying out. If you don’t like them, at least it didn’t cost you very much If you like them, then those are some huge savings you’re making. You have to learn to get over the fear of the thrift store, as well. No-one needs to know where you got it from, just that you look fabulous in it.

Beware the plastic

It’s not always about where we buy our clothes, but sometimes about how we pay for them. Try avoiding using credit cards where possible. It’s far too easy to overspend on them and they have higher interest rates than other credit agreements. If you want to use your credit, go ahead, but be responsible and consider online installment loans, instead. Then, you won’t have a ”running tab” of credit, just a set amount to spend and pay back.

Everything’s gotta go

Just about every lover of fashion and beauty is going to be able to empathize with their poor wardrobe and how much it must struggle to contain it all. If you want a little extra money to spend on new items, then it’s time to start trimming the fat. Go through your whole collection item by item and start seriously asking yourself whether or not you’re going to wear it in the near future and sort them into a “keeping” and a “going” pile. Nowadays, there are a lot of sites perfect for selling your clothes online without getting pennies in return.

Sell your passion (for fashion)

Lots of ladies love fashion. And they will go to websites and blogs (just like this one) to get inspired, to get tips, and to simply indulge their imagination. There are companies that like to offer freebies and even some cash to bloggers who are willing to test out or give a shout out to their products. See where this is going? Starting your own fashion blog might not become the six-figure career that some achieve, but it does have its perks, especially for the fashionista.

Last of all, if you want to make sure you don’t overspend, then set yourself a specific budget and track your expenses. Fashion is life and all, but that doesn’t mean we should let it grow to eat up 100% of our funding.


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  1. Anja says:

    Er zijn nog veel meer manieren om modieus te zijn, zonder daarvoor een groot budget te hoeven hebben 😉 Maar dit zijn alvast goede tips

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  2. feliceveenman says:

    grappig artikel, maar ik loop geen enkel risico: ik ben zeer zuinig als het op uitgaven voor mezelf aan komt

    Liked by 1 person

  3. iamtinu says:

    Beautiful article..

    Liked by 1 person

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