Caught In The Fabric: Meeting Other Fashion Bloggers

Photo by @flaunter on unsplashed

The business of fashion is a serious one, and when it comes to doing your darndest to communicate the highs and lows of next season. Or even what the perfect wardrobe looks like with minimal money, the best advice for any fashion blogger, apart from keeping your ears to the ground at every opportunity, is to spend time liaising with other fashion bloggers. This can feel like sleeping with the enemy in some ways because they are your direct competition, but you need to learn and develop by meeting with other fashion bloggers. How can you start to build this relationship?

Join Online Blogger Communities

The best place to begin; it’s a big piece of your overall ability to network, and if you start relationships with other bloggers out there, it’s not just a way to keep on top of the trends, but it’s a very important process to acquire new skills. You can learn new ways of writing, and utilize these new relationships to take your work to the next level.

Attend The Biggest Offline Events

There are many blogging events to attend in the world, and every event can open up a wealth of relationships for you to grow your blog. For so many of us who are desperate to grow our blog and expand, it’s vital to attend these events. It’s difficult for a lot of people because they are in far-flung places, but if you are serious about your blog, you could start a Kickstarter to appeal to your followers to help grow the blog. Or you can apply for short term unsecured business loans to give you that short-term capital you need to get a flight. Sometimes all it takes is to get your face seen at the right event, such as NYFW or the Lucky FABB Conference, and it could blow your possibilities wide open!

Learn The Importance Of Networking

It’s not just about the events, but it’s about learning the skills to network efficiently. It’s a very stressful task to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve been admiring from afar, not least to get the relevant information you need! Networking is a big challenge for so many of us, and when there’s a room full of people with ulterior motives, it can be an overwhelming prospect to start conversing with all of these people. But there are plenty of techniques you can learn to get your networking style down to a friendly chit-chat type of personality. And this is the perfect starting point. Imagine that these people are friends, and this makes the conversation easier. Also, have a million questions in your back pocket, so you don’t run out of things to say, but listen and let the conversation flow naturally.

Meeting with other fashion bloggers is essential for you to grow your own readership but to get valuable insight into how other people run their blog. If you haven’t started on this journey just yet, you need to start before it’s too late.


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  1. Eigenwijzer says:

    Informatief, al ben ik zelf geen fashionblogger

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