Satisfy your skincare needs with Vichy


Not so many bloggers talk about this brand, it’s weird because they have a lot of products for any skintype and so many other products. I first discovered this brand a year ago when my mom bought me their daycream, she’s been loving this brand for years. Throughout my teen years I never had bad acne, my skin kept clear. I was lucky but if you see your friend go trough that time I imagine it must be hard but I was lucky, I guess.


I’ve been using the Normaderm Daycream for a year now. I know it helped my skin in a way but never researched what it’s actually for. After a hot minute I found out it’s for oily skin and against impurities. One my skin is normal to dry and two I have little to none impurities. Maybe because I’ve been using this day cream for a year now it kept my skin clear and smooth.

The second product I recently added  to my routine is the hydrating and cleansing foaming cream from Vichy. I love how gentle and simple these products are. They are not heavily scented, made for sensitive skin and free from parabens.

How to use it and why?

Before using this foam it recommended to use it on a damp face, so it’s easier to massage the cleansing foam in. After you’re satisfied with cleaning, rinse it of with water. But why, not only is washing your face with water enough it just dries out your skin. So it helps the skin clear from impurities and pollution particles without rubbing or drying it out. It reduces the effect of hard water. After this cleanse your skin and it will feel soft, hydrated, smoother and more radiant.

Did you have a brand that’s been there when you were growing up? Tell me in the comments I would love to know.



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  1. Ctheworld says:

    I love the Vichy 3 in 1 cleanser. Great product! I’m using it for years now.

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  2. Eva says:

    Ik ken Vichy en dit is echt gewoon een goed merk! Ben fan

    Liefs, Eva

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  3. Wanda says:

    Ik heb weleens Vichy gebruikt en op zich beviel het altijd wel goed maar ik vind het toch ook wel aan de prijs.

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  4. Janine says:

    Mijn moeder gebruikte dit vroeger ook altijd! Haha ik vind dat ze ook erg fijne producten hebben.

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  5. I'm Feeling Good says:

    Hi Robin, love your post! I have a steady routine now which I am very happy with. With products from Neutral, Benefit, Clinique and Lush. All different brands, but together the perfect combo for me 😉

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  6. I’ve always had a combination skin. Ranging from oily to dry. I always have used different products to test whats best for my skin type. With a mother as beautyconsultant. I recently use all products of Mary-Kay.

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  7. Nivea! That’s a brand that’s been around for ages. I often use it.


  8. nellelabelle says:

    I have oily skin. I had always issues to find the right product for my skin type/ skin tone. It was very frustrating. But once I found the right product, I could not live without it. In the beginning I cleared my skin with a scrub from the brand Mary Kay. Now I use black soap (a soap with natural ingredients).

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  9. Proudweirdo says:

    I’ve had very bad acne for years and tried a lot, also normaderm, but it didn’t help at all. 😞
    I had to use roaccutane to stop my acne, that’s how bad it was.
    (I have to say that these meds are pretty violent, but in my case it helped 😊)
    Nowadays I’m only using natural products and my skin looks better than ever.
    (Ok, except in my teens when my skin was flawless.. 🤣)

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  10. lodi says:

    Vichy is een merk die ik ook echt wel van vroeger ken, mijn moeder gebruikte het ook en ook nu staat het bij mij in de badkamer.


  11. Bedankt voor de tips! ik ben altijd benieuwd naar verzorgingsproducten


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