Wishlist 2018 – Beauty Edition

Upgrading my makeup stash is what I want, but some factors in online shopping or shopping in general hold me back. Shipping cost, product price,what colour to pick,… but now I wanna go through. Just being a little selfish and get what I want.

1) Colourpop: First time when I discovered this brand they didn’t ship to Belgium so I guess this brand wasn’t open to try but after a while they finally did ship, sadly the shipping cost were so high I immediately backed out again. Their products are affordable but the shipping cost just makes it too expensive. I’m so intrigued about this brand, they’re so colourful and radiate happiness. What I really don’t want to miss out on is their eyeshadows. I’ve ordered them from their website and threw some lipgloss in as well.


2) Limecrime: Every time I see their eyeshadows or liquid lipstick  I fall in love and always wish to try one. It’s always fun to try new brands but judging them from a description or image online doesn’t really give you the truth about a product. Adding things back and forth in my cart all year now but never taking  a step to actually purchase them.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-17 om 20.48.16

3) Jeffree Star: I need one of his highlighters and of course test one of his liquid lipsticks.


Photo by BeautyBay

4) Urban Decay: Yes this one is a big one on my wish list. I tell my self I don’t need a naked pallete so expensive for some nude eyeshadows. But the new Heat pallete is perfection. I always wanted to try this brand but I generally don’t want to buy luxury brands because I just hold on to it like it’s a holy grail of some sorts. Mostly I end up barely touching it because it was so expensive. So I really want to find a product of this brand I will actually use.


Photo by  www.elle.my

5) Dream Vanity: the perfect vanity, yes every girl dreams of this. I’m in need of an upgrade but I don’t need the extra luxury, it’s just something what the eye wants I guess.

Photo from Instagram and the products that were used from Impressions Vanity

6) Brush Cleaner: I’ve been eyeing this product for a year now and I really want and need one. Imagine not standing at the sink cleaning your brushes, not waiting 24 hours for dry brushes. That’s all past tense with this bad boy, you can clean wherever you want, whenever you want and dry them immediately after.


7) Clarisonic: This is maybe the best investment I will make, The main focus why I want this product is to apply my makeup. It’s an odd product to use but it’s not only for that specific thing, it also cleans your skin after applying your makeup. There are many options for brush heads. For me, the first thing I will buy is the foundation brush head.


What is your 2018 wishlist? It can be anything. Perfect way to share with your friends and family for gift tips.

Robin X


6 Comments Add yours

  1. steetje says:

    Die brush cleaner ziet er supertof uit!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura - I scream beauty! says:

    Woooo die brush cleaner! Die moet ik hebben!


  3. Great list!!! I have wanted to buy a Naked Palette for such a long time 😊 So pretty but I was so hesitant because of the price..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Same with the naked palette 😂 Thank you for reading Xx


  4. Erin Azmir says:

    Such great picks! I really wanna try Colourpop and Urban Decay Naked Heat. aaaaahh x

    Erin Azmir

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Thank you, I can’t wait to test them all Xx


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