Is it worth buying 1$ makeup?


Is it really worth buying inexpensive makeup? I tested ShopMissA for the third time and really picking the best products, they recently created their own brand AOA Studio all cruelty free and for 1$. That made me really excited to order again. Here are the products I picked and tested for a week.

Finely purchased a magnetic palette on ShopmissA I found different colours and sizes. After searching for a long time I found the perfect one. I love the idea of making your own pallete with your favorite eyeshadow colours and you can also add other product not just shadows. This retails for 7,50$ the smaller size costs from 4$-6,50$.

The shadow looked all stunning there where all sold out but I picked one that was available. A2o Lab Single Eyeshadow – L2 mind-blowing how pigmented it is for such an affordable price (2.50$). So easy to use sticks right in the pallete, I have ofcourse just one shade but there will be alot more to add.


I tried to find a perfect match from the Wonder Cover concealers. Online shopping is  tricky and hard when it comes to colours. I followed swatches that where close to my skin colour but the one I ordered it still to dark for me. It’s not because the colour isn’t right that the product is. It blends so easy and covers your dark spots in no time. (TIP: Order more than one colour).

I also wanted one of their the AOA Wonder Matt liquid lipsticks, the one that everyone has been trying is Tease a lovely dark purple, this one definitely need a lipliner to really pop that colour. The wear time is pretty incredible after drinking and eating not so much had left my lips pleasant surprised. Added bonus that it is cruelty free and they don’t test on animals.

Worth buying?

I would try more colours from the AOA Wonder Matt collection and definitely with a lipliner. I definitely want the concealer in my shade. On drawback it takes so long to ship.


The greatest purchase was the AOA Wonder blender, I watch Tati Westbrook using and loving this sponge. It’s not like those cheap sponges that are really hard and just aren’t acceptable for use. This one is first dupe of the beautyblender and miracle sponge. You can buy this for just 1,55$ and support the Paw Paw Animal Charitity Program.

Worth Buying?

Yes! 100% would I purchase this makeup sponge again definitely in bulk next time.


Perfect for a quick and on the go brow makeup, I love to use the sculpting brow pencil, instead of my HD brow pallete from Revolution. It has brow brush on the end. The brow product in dark brown on the other side.

F11: Large Fan BrushUse this amazing fluffy brush to apply highlighter to your high points of the face, or use this for a subtle contour.


Curious about your thoughts! Would you order from Shopmissa?

Robin Xx


28 thoughts on “Is it worth buying 1$ makeup?

  1. Met die hele goedkope make-up vraag ik me wel altijd af hoe dat zo goedkoop geproduceerd kan worden. Tuurlijk is het superfijn voor je portemonee, ik geef liever ook niet zoveel geld uit aan make-up.


  2. Wat is het toch leuk om make-up te testen 🙂 Zelf vind ik de prijs zelf niet het belangrijkste. Wat ik wel belangrijk vind is dat een product van goede kwaliteit is en dat het vrij is van dierproeven.

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  3. Leuk artikel! Ik vind zelf de prijs nog niet het belangrijkste. De voorwaardes die ik wel stel is dat een merk vrij moet zijn van dierproeven. En het moet natuurlijk ook goed gepigmenteerd zijn en een dag blijven zitten. Ik ben niet het type wat de hele dag door haar make-up bijwerkt hihi 🙂


    1. That why I prefer this affordable brand than any other supplier like buying from aliexpress or somewhere else you don’t know the ingredients from. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Katie XX


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