Hit and misses Revolution box – RECAP

If 12 days of Christmas wasn’t enough, than this post is for you. A recap from the Revolution London makeup box. An overview of all the product that where in my blog posts over the course of 12 days, I reviewed one product A day until Christmas. In this post writing about the hit and misses in this huge makeup box.

I have chosen eight hits, these product are more likely to stay in my daily makeup routine and maybe I’ll repurchase some of these. You can see separate review on my blog of each product.

HD Pro Brows: After opening this as my first product I was thinking I wouldn’t reach out for it again but I enjoy using this and creating the perfect brows, I intended my brow to be all natural but I love doing them is so much funner with this palette and along the way you learn how to use a sertant product. Because it new to me I love playing around with this pallete.

Blush Dream PaletteThis colourful palette caught my eye, these are my favorite blushes to use all week and the most intense highlighters I love that one powder is a blush and highlighter combined so pretty.

Focus & Fix Eyeprimer: Works perfect with other product and blend with my skin colour, The one I have is from Essence it’s a little to orange I really prefer this one. I see a big difference between with and without the primer. Create a base  for your eyeshadow and extend your eyelook for a longer time.

Aqua Priming Base: I can’t stop using this primer it’s so much fun to apply, maybe sprits it too much but it’s so lovely to create a perfect base before applying, feels super light with other primer there can be a heavy layer you don’t actually need.

Lip Nudes 2017: In this set of three lipglosses there are three different finishes. My favorite is the Lip Euphoria, the other 2 are to light. I love the pigmentation, comfortable to wear.


The Eyeshadow Palettes: I just can’t believe for the price you get so beautiful shades and quality! You definitely have to try their shadows. I don’t know why I didn’t purchase from revolution before? I wish I did.

Misses these are the product I used but didn’t quit make it in my daily routine, I found some difficulties along the way in some of the products I didn’t mention in my previous reviews.

Ultra Strobe Balm PaletteThere is nothing wrong with the formula, I thing this a  beautiful product. I would love a bronzer palette or other face powder instead. One Balm highlighter would be enough for me not eight.

Pro Fix Fixing Spray: I tried better fixing sprays before this one makes your makeup so heavy, I can say it’s perfect for applying shimmer eyeshadow in that case it’ s a winner.

Ultra Strobe Cream: I use this product but I feel it’s not giving enough or not making a big difference for me to see it as base cream.

Limited Edition travel brushes:I was hyped about these they work perfect but I washed them ones and one of them broke in two, I’m a little disappointed because they are limited edition and so stunning to look at but there not worth it.




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  1. I have this, and I’m in love with it! x

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Enjoy opening it during the holidays, you get so much makeup in one box it’s crazy X Robin

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