Taking Your Blogging To The Next Level

Getting started is usually the hardest part of any project. You might spend days or even weeks planning what you have to do. Then you find you’ve run out of energy to do anything at all with the plan you made! Blogging can be a lot like that. Just getting started can take you a really long time. But you soon find your stride, and before you know it, you have plenty of followers. So how can you take your blogging to the next level without getting stuck in the planning phase?

Develop Your Writing Style

The first thing that can be quite important is to develop your writing style even further. Up until now, you might have just been writing for your own blog. But if you network a little and have quite a niche topic interest, you can guest blog for others too. Sure, there might not be a lot of money in it. But it will push your writing, and get you and your writing style out there and known a little better.

Get comfortable with your tone of voice and stick with it. Image credit

Develop Your Website

Developing your website further might be just the thing to make it even more exciting and engaging than ever before. Set yourself some targets to spur you on. You might start by making sure you have all of your sharing icons set up correctly. They should appear on the front page as links to follow you. In each post there should be the option to share this article as well as follow you. Don’t forget to use pop-ups and free gifts to encourage people to subscribe to your posts or even a newsletter.

Develop Your Inner Developer

Of course, if you really want to push things forward this year, you might consider tackling some web development learning resources to better your skills and understanding. The internet and blogging are constantly evolving, so it is worth putting in some time to get on top of things. Who knows? You might become so tech savvy you could develop a website that perfectly suits your blog without having to rely on templates or iffy plugins.

Nurture your blog. Be brave with your own development. Image credit

Monetize And Earn A Living

Turning your blog into a money-making machine isn’t always easy. There are several routes you can take to help you start to earn a little revenue, though. All of them require a good number of regular visitors and followers though. This means you need an established blog that is search engine optimized, so it ranks well for your chosen keywords. You might be eligible for advertising earnings. Perhaps you can review products relevant to your niche top? Of course, if you’ve become a voice of authority, you might even collate your posts and sell an eBook.

Pushing yourself to take your blogging to the next level does often involve making a plan or two, so try not to get too bogged down in it. Of course, sometimes all it takes is a little networking and the right suggestion to get you going.


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