My personal 2017 FAVORITES

Let’s recap 2017 beautyblogger style, I’ll be showing you my makeup products I adored the most in this year. After stopping in April with my favorites of the month, because my makeup routine was for a long time the same and I wanted interesting posts to publics on my blog instead of the same things. After seven months without my favorite I still wanted to share my most used makeup products of the year! Always fun for me to look back on. Learn more what the populaire product in my makeup bag where.


January – February: In the beginning of the year I was all about finding the perfect powder to bake my under eyes with after searching store to store for loose powder my preference was to find a translucent powder. The only one I could find was from Bourjois. After using it for a year I always returned to the same one, I thought I wouldn’t use it as much as my Catrice compact powder I used everyday, still this one made it to my yearly favorites.

March – April: When I discovered Physicians formula I bought my first concealer from them, I kept using it until now. It’s so light weight and comfortable to wear that the brand intrigued me to buy more. In the end off the month Butter Bronzer finally hit our Belgium stores and I’m glad it did. The Pore fessional by Benefit I bought for Christmas 2016 to treat my self to a luxury brand. It was a gift box full of high-end products loved every product of it but one blow my mind their  primer is so incredible, I still can’t believe it, the formula is perfect i’ve you can try it.

May – June: Weird enough in these 2 months I tried new makeup but nothing end up in my favorites, I also did in May a “MAKEUP PRODUCTS NOT WORTH BUYING” post, it’s not normally what I do but many people loved it. I was still using the L’oreal Infallible fixing spray that is on point and leaves your makeup matt for the rest of the day! I really recommend this product, I did test a lot of drugstore fixing spray but yet so far, yes you guessed it, it’s my favorite one of 2017.


July – August: I went for a week to Barcelona and guess what they had a Sephora and Kiko Milano store near my hotel. These two product made it in from the first time I tried them such as theKatVonD Liquid lips and the sculpting Stick from Kiko. I wish these  brands where a little closer.

September – October:  In this month I heart makeup popped up in my local drugstore I immediately saw the unicorn Highlighter, because I found a treasure of a product! I had to give one away to my followers and gave away some of my other favorites. In this month I also discover a new foundation from Essence I’ve been non stop using I really love it so light and the perfect coverage for me. Go to foundation for an everyday makeup look.

November – December: In the last months of 2017 I purchase the Miss manga mascara from l’oreal with some other purchases from the drugstore. I’m still using this product everyday it’s my holy grail to complete my makeup look. The final product I received was for Christmas from my boyfriend and one product made it in this favorites list. The Revolution London ultra metals palette.


Can’t wait to read your thoughts and your makeup story from 2017! Happy New Year!


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  1. Loved this post! The butter bronzer is one of my favorites this year too. I love the smell of it! xx

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