3 days until Christmas – Revolution Unboxing


Going to the 10th product in this 12 day until Christmas box we arrive to the first eyeshadow palette from revolution London, I never tried shadows from them before so  I’m surprised how it will turn out. I always see beautiful swatches on Instagram and stunning eye looks, let’s give them a try.

In this ultra newtrals eyeshadow palette are only matt shades. Quality is on point after testing it with the fix & focus eyeprimer I noticed that the primer in deed works. Than I tried the shadows without the primer it stayed long and beautiful, it’s a little more vibrant if you use a primer than without one. One thing is that the palette get’s really powdery if you dip your brush in or use it with your fingers but you get beautiful pigmentation on your eyes and I must say fall out is not bad, most of the time I see no powder around my eyes when applying.


I can’t seem to find these palette on their own but they have tons of eyeshadow palette’s.      tambeauty.com sells all their other eyeshadow palette including I heart makeup and freedom.

The formula of these shadows feel light and comfortable, not powdery on the eyelid. The colours are beautiful I wish there where more different shades a lot of row 3 are look-alikes but I’m in love with the dark orange and red on swatch 1 and 2, You have many transitions shades to work with, the way they blend with each other and with other products is like a dream. With row 1 and 2 you can make a really light and warm eyelook, 3 and 4 are immediately a bit darker, not bad for a neutrals palette pleasant surprised!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!



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