The last 12 days until Christmas – Huge Makeup Unboxing


This year I’m trying something different instead of an advent calendar, I now have a huge packed beauty box with 12 products, 12 days to review one full size product everyday until christmas sharing and coming together talking about what we love the most and in my case of course is it all about makeup.


Today I opened the first product, HD Pro Brows pallete this pallete provides you with:

  • 4 Shades of eyebrow powder
  • 2 Eyebrow tints
  • Brow enhancing wax
  • Highlighter powder
  • Brow sealing wax
  • Strobe balm


Starting from number one on the top is the lightest brow powder. Followed by 3 other darker brow shades. Number 4 is the one I use the darkest of them all. To really intensify the look you can use the brow tints (swatch number five and six) these will stay longer and create a beautiful bold look. The texture of the tintes is not powder is a cream so it leaves behind a stain.


Let’s take a look on the other side of the pallete, on the top we have a brow enhancing wax to conceal around the brow and set everything in place. The second product is the highlighter powder to finish of your eyebrow look. To wrap it up with is the brow sealing wax, When eyebrow makeup wasn’t as much as a trend like now, I only used an eyebrow gel to hold my eyebrows in place. That was the only thing I used and look at me now I have an owl pallete for just my brows. Want one for yourself but not the whole box, buy this palette separately for 11,21€ on


Have yourself a merry little Christmas!



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