Asking For Help – Knowing Who To Call

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Knowing who to call when you need serious help is as important as knowing when to ask. There are many people in this world that need more help than they get – or that push away any and all help due to various reasons, with the most common being that they are too scared to ask. But when someone does recognise that they need that help and they want to change their life, it can be hard to know who to call. And the same goes for the people who just want to help others, but still don’t know who is best to call for different situations.

Emergency Services

The emergency services are quite often the first thing that comes to mind in bad situations, and for the most part, you would be right. But there are situations that can be dealt with just as well, and more appropriately, by others. You should only contact the police if you believe that a crime has been committed, and ambulance if someone is seriously hurt, and it isn’t possible to move them in a car, and the fire department if there’s a fire. It seems silly to explain, but there are people out there who will call the cops because someone cut in line, an ambulance because they scraped their knee, and the fire department because their cable connection has gone down.


If you feel that a child is being put in danger, or if they are being bullied either at home or in school then Childhelp is the place to call. They are a great organization that can be someone to talk to or to take things further if need be. Childhelp uses trained workers to make sure that the kids contacting them receive the best help possible. Where all conversations are confidential, if the person from Childhelp feels like the child is in immediate danger, they will contact social services or the police to intercede.


For people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, one of the best places to get their lives back on track is to go to rehab. Depending on what route you take, rehab might be court mandated or the patient able to be admitted by a family member. Or, it might be that they have to admit themselves into the program. You can read more here, but rehab is essentially a place where addicts can get clean, learn new ways of coping, receive counselling and medical attention while in a healthy and suitable environment. Being around people trying to achieve the same goal can really help build a good support system which is lasting beyond their time there.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This helpline isn’t just for people who are standing on the edge of a building, but for anyone who feels like they are on the brink of falling. It’s a line to talk about our innermost demons, you darkest feelings and receive a sympathetic ear and some help if you need it. Sometimes all you need in those moments of utter loneliness is for someone to listen, and that someone could easily be on the other end of this helpline. There are many things that happen in life that seem inconsequential, but could actually be the catalyst for destroying someone’s mental health. So try and recognise the signs, and offer to help wherever you can.


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  1. Eva says:

    Oh Robin what a great post! Not many people think about this subject. Thx for sharing!

    xxx, Eva

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  2. beyo11 says:

    Thanks for the great informative post Mz Robin!!

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