A Christmas filled with lots of new makeup

December has arrived again! What a year, flew by in a second. I always have mixed emotions with December, I’m happy because it my favorite holiday season but still the year is over. You lose and gain in every way so let’s celebrate let’s make it worth remembering. This year I was looking around quit awhile for the perfect advent calendar to count till christmas, I didn’t get my hands on any of them. But my boyfriend hooked up an amazing beauty box I didn’t expect he find one. On www.tambeauty.com


I am blogging 12 days long until christmas, everyday a new product to review of the brand Revolution prepare for the ultimate christmas unboxing! Worth 75€ of full size products. Perfect value box for 45€ , still available if you want to unbox it together with me! Day one is starting on 13 December and ends on Christmas day 25 December.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas!



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