5 Things You Should Never Forget To Replace

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Over time everything needs to be replaced. You wouldn’t use your toothbrush forever, you replace the batteries in your devices when they run out, and you throw away old clothes. However, there are some things that you might not think need replacing when they do. Here are a few such items in your house that you should replace.

Beauty Products

Different beauty products have different lifespans. On their container, they will tell you how long to keep after you have opened them. This might be as long as one year or as little as one month. While many will be somewhere in between, it is worth being mindful of how long you’ve had specific beauty products open. If your beauty products have gone past their expiry date, then they can cause all sorts of problems for you. This can include, but is not limited to, rashes, swelling, inflammation, allergic reactions, and irritation. You want to avoid all of this if possible, so make sure that you are regularly throwing away old beauty products. The plus side to this is that you have an excuse to buy something new and try out new styles.

Pillows & Mattress

You should change your pillows roughly every two years and your mattress every ten years. Many people don’t, and the result is bad for their sleep and health. Old mattresses are uncomfortable. They are lumpy and uneven and might even have loose springs sticking out the edges. You should replace it before it gets to this state, but if this reminds you of your mattress, then it is definitely time to invest in a new one. You spend enough time on your mattress and sleeping that you deserve the best night’s sleep possible and a new mattress can do just that for you. The reason why you should get a new pillow, though, is that over time your pillows accumulate all sorts of dirt, dust and other bad things. All of which is perfectly normal for something that you lay on nightly and even with a pillow protector and regularly changed covers, it will still need replacing eventually. If you haven’t replaced your pillow for a while, consider doing so, and you should notice an improvement in the quality of your sleep.


Your doors probably don’t need changing, unless they are damaged and in which case it should be obvious that you need a new one. Instead, the reason to get new doors for your home is that you might want ones that lock in heat better. You lose a lot of your home’s heat through your front door and from room to room with poor quality, thin door. Instead, you could get new ones fitted, and these will keep the cold out and keep each room warm thanks to helping to keep it in one place. It might not be a priority replacement, but if you are struggling to keep your house warm, then it might be worth considering. You can get new doors from all kinds of DIY stores or online through somewhere like George Hill Timber. This will create better insulation for your house, and it will save you money in the long run and keep you warmer in winter at the same time.


Curtains are another part of your house that you can replace to help keep it warm. Thicker curtains are excellent in winter because they stop the cold from penetrating through your windows as easily. They create a layer of air between the curtain and the window which acts as something akin to an extra layer of double glazing. You don’t need to hang them all year as in summer you don’t want your house to be too hot. However, in winter they can be invaluable at keeping you warm and making sure those heating bills don’t rise too high.

Non-Stick Cookware

This one might surprise you, but you should replace any of your cookware that has a non-stick layer every three to five years. You should stop using it sooner if you notice any scratches or chips in the non-stick layer. This is because eventually the non-stick will start to flake away from your cookware and can release toxic chemicals that are harmful when ingested. If you have a pan that uses non-stick and it has started to flake, then it can make you quite ill. The solution is simple, replace the pan with a new one, and you will be fine. You should always be mindful of the current state of any of your non-stick cookware and replace as needed.


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  1. Totally agree with everything in this post.. Thanks for sharing!! xx

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