The Guide To A Perfect Wardrobe

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It’s hard to nail fashion. You see people on the street who seem to look effortlessly flawless and wonder “what do they know that I don’t?” as you walk on by. Well, there isn’t some great secret that you’re missing. Fashion is all about putting effort into your appearance. You can look casual and careless but it has to be evident that you put thought into your style. This might sound contradictory but that’s fashion for you. All that matters is your confidence; your outfit has to make a statement that you care about the way you present yourself. You don’t have to dress extravagantly or expensively to pull this off, however. Here’s the guide to a perfect wardrobe if you’re struggling.

Browse and declutter.

Before you buy a range of new outfits, you need to take a look at your existing ones. There’s no point in buying an excessive amount of new clothes until you know the extent of the damage to your current wardrobe. You need to browse through your outfits and declutter. Get rid of things you never want to wear and build a picture in your head as to what makes you unhappy about so many of your current outfits. Perhaps you’ve chosen styles that don’t make you comfortable; it’s crucial to be comfortable in what you wear above all else.

Of course, you might have quite a mess on your hands after clearing out the long-neglected mound of clothes in your wardrobe and not all of them will be in a condition that’s acceptable for charity shops. That’s why you might want to check out sites such as for a rubbish removal service that can pick up your overflowing bin bags of tattered and old clothing both quickly and cheaply. The last thing you want is to spend an excessive amount of money to dispose of your many failed fashion decisions; you should be saving your funds for new pieces of fashion. Speaking of which, here’s some advice on replacing the old with the new. Let’s get your wardrobe back up to scratch.

Get outfits for every occasion.

There’s nothing worse than having nothing to wear for that big night out or wearing the same shorts for 3 months straight when summer comes around. You need to be prepared with outfits for every occasion. Casual wear and formal wear are the two staples of a full wardrobe. As we’ve discussed before, “athleisure” is a fashion trend that has grown exponentially in popularity over recent years. Casual clothing used to be something that you didn’t have to give much thought, but people put just as much effort into choosing joggers they’ll wear to the coffee shop as they do when choosing a dress for a night out. You need to check out some of the brands that are offering fashionable activewear; there’s no reason you can’t look good even when you’re jogging around your local park.

Know your body.

At the end of the day, there is no perfect body shape. If you want to look fashionable then the only thing that matters is having a wardrobe full of outfits which complement your body shape, as mentioned over at No matter your size, everybody looks better in clothes that look tailor-made to their body. You don’t need to start wearing skinny jeans; all that matters is your clothes look flattering. For example, billowy shapeless dresses can look a thousand times better if you get a belt that hugs them towards your body. It all comes back to confidence, as we mentioned at the start of the article; being fashionable is about taking pride in the way you present yourself.


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    Great tips, now just use them…😉

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  3. These are really great tips!

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