Drugstore lipkit’s everyone has been waiting for – Gigi Hadid

Now available in stores, stunning affordable lipkits. Discover it in today’s review about Gigi Hadid & Maybelline’s limited edition collection. I chose a stunning red shade with matching lipliner.

First and foremost I love the nude and holo packaging it’s really trendy. In a way this reminds me of the higher end new launch from Rihanna ‘fenty’ collection. They had 6 different kits 3 red shades and 3 nudes, I was very intrigued with the red colours when I went back to buy just the one of the nude lipsticks they were already gone! I believe we receive only the west coast collection.

The lip colour ‘Khair‘ out the west coast collection is a beautiful matt lipstick that applies really smooth but not as buttery as a MAC lipstick, really pigmented and because of that it can leave a stain, First time applying this shade was really difficult it’s a bold colour so be carefull not to go wild. It is resistant and even stays on strong and beautiful after eating.

The lipliner is very smooth and pigmented it isn’t dry at all, the lipliner provides a longer duration for your lips to look fabulous. These kits retails for $16,99.

I adore the coast to coast collection, they both look stunning. Really fun collection with 2 sides. I first wanted the pallets but the ingredients are the same in Maybelline pallets, there is still a higher price difference so you are clearly paying for the name and packaging. The one thing that bothered me.

I love reading your comments! What are your honest thoughts about this makeup line worth buying? Or just a hype!

Robin Xx


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  1. This is a really gorgeous lip color!

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Thanks for reading xx

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