Stop looking, I got the perfect cosmetic brand for you!

In today’s blog post it’s all about a new beauty company. I’m going to talk more about  Nutrition Enhanced Color Cosmetics, their reward program and on what they are testing their makeup? This is why you need to take your time to read more about this makeup brand…

I’ve been on the hunt for a new makeup brand for a long time that actually interested me and I found the perfect one! It’s cruelty free, vegan , budget friendly and super cute. they have products for the face, lips and eyes. U can buy it in a set or individual. Perfect for gifting, can’t wait to order my own “healthy” makeup.


Nutrition Enhanced Color Cosmetics

“We are a brand inspired by healthy living and creating products enhanced with nutrition derived from natural ingredients. We avoid complex formulas and unnecessary additives, which allows us to create unique cosmetic recipes that include natural oils and plant-based extracts for products that will nurture your skin whilst delivering intense colour technology.”


If there not testing on animals? Is it even tested, Yes! You don’t need animals to make makeup. These product are tested on friend and family. Hydrating cosmetics that include nutrition-rich superfood ingredients that promote health and wellbeing.

What can you expect in their collection, the main focus is Face, Lip, Eye-makeup and brushes.

The Reward Program: Top 3 Benefits

  • Earn rewards: Earn points on every purchase, for referring friends, or just reviewing our products! See how to earn your points and rewards on:
  • Exlusive discounts: Get invited to exclusive member only discounts, and sneak previews of new products.
  • Treats: Who doesn’t want sweet treats? Earn gifts and rewards on your birthday and for referrals.


Start Earning Crop Point Today
Start Earning Crop Point Today

I love reading your comments! What are your honest thoughts about The Beauty Crop?

Robin Xx




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