Discover one of the 6 breathtaking collections of Kiko Milano

In this post I’m writing about Kiko Milano new in stores “Candy Split” I bought a couple of product from  this collection, keep reading for more in-depth information about these makeup products. Kiko Milano is always one of my most search and read posts, maybe because there so out of this world. Little more information about these collection …

KIKO Candy Split Collection is the sixth of the 7 capsule collections created in collaboration with Nicolò Beretta, a young designer and founder of the shoe label Giannico, sold all over the world.
A new and playful look for a cheerful and uplifting style, KIKO Candy Split collection is a world of sweet pastel emotion that stimulates creativity resulting to a playful and scrumptious style. Deliciously tempting and irresistible!

The candy split lipstick

Let’ talk Packaging, I can’t get over the it super cute perfect for pictures but that not the main reason I want to know if the quality is the same or is it just for display …

The 01 Cherished Rose is very light pink, Not really my colour I thought it would be sutler, It feels glossy not sticky that what I loved the most about this formula. One other downside of these lipsticks, is the application. It so hard to get an even coat on, it a beautiful glossy lipstick but if you put your lips together it swirl with lines around, when it’s on for a minute it stay put for a while.

The dark purple 03 Violet Glaze is out of this 2 my personal favorite, I love the colour but sadly it has the same problem with application. Not so noticeable because of the darker pigmentation, be caution with this one stains your lips I love the effect it gives. Even then you have to learn not to over line your lips.

Retail for 5,95€

The candy split highlighter

The little blue/yellow striped box,  gorgeous to present. Looks like a little pastry box of some sort. nope, it a highlighter for makeup lover this will be more appreciate than food or both. The product is shaped perfectly with the packaging, I adore the aesthetics that it gives.

Maybe on my hand it looks like a regular toned down highlighter but it actual is so stunning, on your cheekbones. I love the way the colour blends with my skin it gives a warm healthy sheen lovely for fall makeup looks, beautiful to wear everyday you can build it up to a stunning glow or use it as natural as you can the choice is yours.

Retails for 7,95€

What are your thoughts about the capsule collection from Kiko Milano? 

Robin Xx


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    This collection is so cute, I love all the packaging! X


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      I liked this collection so much candy for our eyes too! Xx


  2. Meera says:

    Ahh the packaging is so cute! And I’m in love with the dark lipstick, Will have to check it out next time im in kiko.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Yes the dark one is my favorite too! Xx


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