I glanced at these eyeshadow a while back and I finally had the time to pick not one but 2 of these good-looking babies not the cheapest for one shadow but definitely worth it for me. They come in 18 different colours so it’s for you to choose,  because there one for one stunning shadows, the retail price for  1.3G/.04 OZ. 23€ | 20$ | 16£

Every MUA, Beautyguru or blogger raves about this product, How can a product can be so good that just looks like plain water, Fix + Retails for 17,50€ | 25$ | 18£  (100 ml / 3.3 US fl oz)

Normal eyeshadows from MAC can be placed in a pro pallets I asked but this Extra Dimension Eye Shadow isn’t made for these pallets really regrettable. But that the only negative thing about this shadow, talking about the positive for a minute the formula is amazing. Smooth to apply you get no fall out, blendable aswell as buidable.

Smoky Mauve / Ready To Party

How to work with fix +

  • Use it as a primer to start with the perfect canvas.
  • After applying your makeup look finish of with Fix+ for longer wear aswell as creating a dewy natural look.
  • Big tip that will change your eye look, spray your eyeshadow brush with fix+, apply than with the same brush your favorite eyeshadow double intensity and longer wear.
  • Spray throughout the day in hot/sunny days to hydrate your skin.
  • Make your highlighter stay day and night with Fix+.
  • Thin out foundation spray a little on a brush before applying your foundation to your face, the fix + will help to thin and apply it evenly.

Love reading your comment’s! Are you fan of MAC eyeshadow’s?

Robin Xx


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  1. These eyeshadow colors are beautiful!

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