Wash your laundry with soapnuts ?!


Your properly not the only one that looks twice or even never heard of this product before, we been doing this for years and yes my clothes feel and are still looking amazing. My mom began making her own soap with these soap berry’s they come in 3 different ways you can use them the first one is buying the  soapnut and making your own liquid soap like we do it at home second is buying only the shells or buying the pre-made liquid formula that has 90% of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit.

With this starter pack you get the wash shells, a fresh scent to add to your clothes, and a washing bag to put the shells in during the washing. It doesn’t leave behind a scent, weird because the fruit itself is so intense I tried it ones … Bad Idea! This amount of shells get you for 30 washes. Cotton, white clothes, silk, fur and wool for all delicate fabrics.

The Sapindus mukorossi fruit grows nonstop in the Himalayas mountains, this fruit contains natural soap called saponine. When this comes in touch with water it activate the fruit and give a natural soap while washing. This gives us a way to clean without chemicals and support the environment! These fruits are not only for washing your clothes but there used also in the dishwasher, as shampoo, cleaning jewelry and natural pesticide. More in-depth information about the Sapindus Mukorossi plant.

*caution: these shells are not for consumption, otherwise you get bubbles in your belly.*

Love reading your comments! Weird or genius what your thoughts?

Robin Xx


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