Nars Brush/Bronzer Duo – New brand Thursdays

I’m so excited to review my first Nars Product, this is a real milestone for me I feel like a pro makeup artist when I buy makeup that’s not available in belgium or hard to get. Oke when I first saw Nars products I thought they looked beautiful but I never search specific for this brand maybe because I’m not so familiar with it, I definitely have no idea why I thought I needed this duo. I adore their sleek packaging (100% convinced me the to buy this product). I will be testing and discover the truth about this product keep reading…

In this Nars duo there a blush and bronzer, This product retails 20€ if you want the big size you can get it for 40€. For trying purposes I chose the mini size each product has 2.5G/0.08Oz.

The blush is my favorite it has gold undertone with that rich pink colour, first blush that has this golden sparkles in a powder formula, I’ve seen stick blushes with this type of finish but never one like this. I tested this with a blush brush I apply all my blushes with. When applying it was very sheer I thought it would be smoother on the skin but it was a small hassle to blend this blush out evenly.

The bronzer has a very light feel to it and give a subtle bronzed look. I love that it’s not a dark overpowered bronzer otherwise it would be too much in this duo. It’s perfect for every day but I wouldn’t give 40€ for it I’m glad I bought the small edition.

The aftermath I was indeed satisfied but it missed that extra touch I was hoping for! I wear a lot of drugstore products so I hoped this would be much better, after the price point I’m happy I tried this small edition. I’m not saying I am less convinced that this brand has some amazing products, I’m just tested their duo blush/bronzer for the first time. So what would you recommend or do you have a favorite from this brand? I would love to try other products from their collection let me know in the comment’s.

I love reading your comment’s! Share your thoughts, what is your favorite highend brand?

Robin Xx


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  1. Kate says:

    I really like the sound of this duo and the bronzer in it looks like a lovely colour! X


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  2. A lot of people I know love the NARS Blush, but I never tried it before

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      I would love to try one of there matt blushes xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. beautyfromkatie says:

    Is this the Orgasm and Laguna duo? I have Laguna but I’ve never tried Orgasm or any other NARS blushes, they look so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Their so beautiful, thanks for stopping by xx


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